The Author, and Dedication

Transitionally, I’m a math student and tutor en route to becoming a math professor. Permanently, I’m a mathematics enthusiast. I study mathematics professionally, and as a leisure activity.  At the time of writing this, I’m a generalist. I have let to reach the depth of understanding that requires specialization. Though I eagerly await that time, I do enjoy the ‘now’ and find there is bountiful food for thought at any level.

Familial wise, I have a wonderful, supportive wife for which my love is always deepening, a brilliant sister, and a strong mother. I would also like to thank my wife’s uncles and aunts for the great amount of help they have provided us and the things they have taught me. I dedicate this blog to all of them, and hope that it may become something worth the dedication.

Webster Batista-Lin August 25, 2010

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4 Responses to The Author, and Dedication

  1. melody farrell batista says:

    I am the fortunate one, for I am a mother of a son who has fulfilled his life goals ( as goals are always in process) ..and so the on going growth and the wondrous nature of our world is hopefully a continuum that will never be without the witness of appreciation of what is…such is the view of this spirited Webster. I have always admired the vigorous interest of life that children in their essence are endeared with and as such I was the recipient of the gift that granted to me the ability of watching and tempting our children (in my case the author of this site ,Webster) a dear little son, who for some time visited “the land of the golden ferns”. I never once doubted this adventure to be a special and enchanted moment of life for a child…but now looking back and connecting the many points that are in a matrix of connections (the trigonometry of life?)..thought that perhaps the inspiration of ferns and pine needles and rocks and all that is in ones experience if pointed out…could provide the matrix for a love of math…the language of life. So who knows… the inspiration that those ferns might have instilled in my adventurous and unconventionally raised little boy.. a source for the wonder and respect and inquiry of the language of math; which I do concur is analogous to poetry…as is everything. If there is anything left to be said in this blog it is to Thank with all my heart that I as Webster’s mother was recognized in the dedication. To think of me as a strong mother….meant that I could not go into the world of mathematics because of the demands of real life car crashes that seem to be unfairly presented to me..yet…I keep in mind that “the best is yet to come” and I hope there is a mathematical formula that can show this to become a new theorem…the theorem that there is this moment so wondrous..and the next will be more so.

    • Webster says:

      Thanks, Mom. I’m glad you appreciated the dedication, and I really do hope that this site may grow into something worth it. Thank you for being my mother and inspiring and challenging me.

      • melody farrell batista says:

        I didn’t just write that from reading your dedication….First I read the first posting of your philosophy and discussion of Math…I am very proud of you and this will never end. I love you! Mom

  2. Dear Webster; even if I have to see you only on your blog I am so happy to tell you that I have been here looking over your posts of Gender and math and am so proud! I hope all is well; there is so much to what you say; when we live in one moment; and as you know You Can’t Con the Buddha…..!

    I found something really cool; and maybe it is why Li Li was named Li Li; Li Dynamic Form in Nature by David Wade…..Did you know (I am sure you do…) that the Chinese named the dynamic shapes in nature Li. ” the expression li, which I have applied to these configurations, has been appropriated from the Chinese where it has been used for a very long time indeed. In common with many Chinese expressions, translations are various, but as a concept it falls between our notions of pattern and principle.” (Wade, 1999). This is Cool…..Li Li has such a rich meaning and the connection with these fundamental principles of nature. Wondrous ! I love you both…but I wanted to make it bold in print. (the last part) Hey….call some day ok!

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